This is wild country. The craggy cliffs, dense bushland and open plains that inspired Henry Lawson, hide one of Australia's best kept secrets, the Capertee Valley. Three hours drive from Sydney, and one hour from Mudgee, Warramba feels like a simpler time

Warramba is set on 100 acres of regenerated farmland in the Greater Blue Mountains. Hidden from the road is the 1890s farmhouse, cut from local sandstone and lovingly restored as a bolthole for the world-weary.

The homestead sits amid native grasslands, a river gently winds through. Sheer sandstone cliffs surround the property, brimming with native wildlife. Kangaroos, wombats, goannas, birds — including the endangered Regent Honeyeater — dash through the ironbark. Eastern long-necked turtles share this place — a reminder to slow down.

Historic Rylstone, with its heritage-listed main street, and the Capertee, Turon, Gardens of Stone and the world-famous Wollemi National Parks are 20-minutes-drive.

Ganguddy — inarticulately referred to as Dunns Swamp — homes ancient rock formations that rise up from the water. Ganguddy also features wild reeds and native ferns, bush trails and high scenic views over clouds of blue Eucalypts that appear to stretch on forever.




Warramba can provide unforgettable experiences through a unique collaboration with outdoor events company Under Sky. Under Sky specialises in luxury camping experiences using bell tents by local label Homecamp. Have an idea for a workshop? Please contact us.



Celebrate an important milestone. Discover a creative way to engage your Team. host a Long-table luncheon for family, friends, colleagues or clients. create a unique event for your brand. Visit Warramba.

Warramba is able to provide unforgettable experiences through a unique collaboration with outdoor events company Under Sky. Under Sky specialises in luxury camping experiences using bell tents by local label Homecamp. Experience a sense of escape just three hours from Sydney and create something meaningful. Warramba is not available for weddings.



Warramba is a set on 100 acres of bushland just three hours from Sydney. The property features an LOVINGLY RESTORED 1890s sandstone farmhouse.

It also features sheds, 100-year-old sheep and cattle yards and a lazy river that dances with native reeds and grasses. Our Highland Cattle can be fed by hand and a cheeky and photogenic blue cattle dog called Mate is always ready for his close up. There's also a recently-restored white '63 Ford Falcon available for use, and the property offers additional locations within 20-minutes, including the World Heritage-listed Wollemi National Park, historic Rylstone Village and Ganguddy, wetlands that resemble Kakadu. We also have access to rustic shearing sheds, wind mills and farming equipment.

We have collaborated with brands including Marie Claire, My General Store and Scanlan Theodore.

  • Colonial Sandstone Farmhouse

  • Beautiful interiors

  • Native Grasslands

  • Sheer Sandstone Cliffs

  • Stands of Ironbark

  • Old Sheep and Cattle Yards

  • Rusted Barbed Wire Fences

  • Dam

  • Winding River with Reeds and Natural Stone Crossing

  • Vintage Landrover

  • Classic Australian Car

  • Highland Cattle

  • Blue Heeler

  • National Parks, Historic Rylstone and beautiful Ganguddy within 20-minutes


Bush Block.


We went on honeymoon and changed our mind. We tore up our plans for a cabin and started planning something much more exciting. This new addition to Warramba will provide an escape and playground for couples and families. Sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the page to be notified first.



Warramba is about slowing down. The name means ‘turtle’ in the local Wiradjuri language, and that's the pace you're expected to take when you push through the rusty old farm gate.

There was a turtle on the drive the very first time we visited the property in January 2016. We stopped the car to move him back to the creek, and that’s when we caught a glimpse of the sandstone farmhouse that would become our home. We immediately fell in love.

The dream was to create a bolt-hole for friends and family, and a place full of imagination and adventure for our children to grow up. But first, there was a lot of work to be done. We had frogs living in the loo, the grass was knee high and a garden hose connected the house to the water tank. We wanted to retain the character and beauty of the house but update the interiors to a new level of luxury.

It wasn’t just the house in need of some love. We have added a garden, orchard and vegie patch. We rested the overworked farmland for twelve months before introducing a fold of handsome and curious Highland Cows. Warramba will also soon become a habitat for the Regent Honeyeater. 

A lot has changed since our first day at Warramba. But much remains the same. Emu Swamp Creek still winds through the landscape with its dancing river reeds and wombat holes. A mob of kangaroos still hangs out on the hill. And that turtle still ambles across to the dam for a dip.

We look forward to welcoming you to Warramba. 

Neil + Edwina






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