Not so lonely Goat Herd


African Love Grass sounds very nice and romantic but it’s a total pest. We didn’t want to pulverise it with pesticides so started looking at other options.

Neil spends an inordinate amount of time at the Kandos tip and that’s where he found the solution. Michael works at the tip shop and also runs Dry Creek Farm.

They had an issue with blackberries at their place and were also seeking a chemical-free solution. Dry Creek Farm introduced a herd of goats to eat all of their weeds with incredible success, and a business a born.

The goats arrived on a trailer with Michael’s partner, Billie (yes, she sees the irony) and their beautiful daughter, Mavis. The herd comes with its own portable electric fence so the goats can concentrate their efforts on one patch. It took them a while to get a taste for the Love Grass but after awhile they ate it down to the roots and helped clear the paddock.

Every time there is an outbreak of weeds, we call Michael and his team of hungry goats to come out and help. They are doing work on other farms throughout the Valley and the Blue Mountains, providing a natural alternative to chemical sprays.

Edwina Bartholomew